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250ml     $18

500ml.    $30

750ml.    $42

1000ml.   $55

Windflowers Extra Virgin Olive Oil is hand picked around late June.

This small Olive grove of around 450 trees was planted in 1996 and 2003.

Olive varieties are  Frantoio (Paragon), Barnea and Manzanillo.

Our olives are pressed within a few days of picking. Using a centrifuge results in less exposure to air and the temperature of the paste is regulated to stay below 27℃ to give true Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Oil. 

Tasmanian cool climate ExtraVirgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) have very high proportions of oleic acid (a mono-unsaturated fat) and consequently very low levels of saturated fats.

​The proven health benefits of adding EVOO to our diets include reduction of blood pressure, risk of cardiovascular disease and invasive breast cancer.

"Bitter is better", the beneficial antioxidant compounds impart the bitter flavour character of the best EVOOs.